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0...Where is the help?
1...What are minimum system requirements?
2...What is format of an external vocabulary?
3...What must be minimum size of vocabulary?
4...How can I setup grid?
5...What formats can I export generated crossword puzzle?
6...What programs can edit graphic files?
7...How to insert images into crossword?
8...Where to buy?
9...Where could I see crossword puzzles made by the program?


0. Where is the help?

    Help file is included to the distributive of the program: "Main menu/Help/FineCrosser Help".

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1. What are minimum system requirements?

/ 128Mb RAM / 128Mb free space on a HDD / MS Windows NT/XP/9X.

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2. What is format of an external user dictionary?

It must be text file with the following format:

word1 clue1
word2 clue2
wordN clueN

Thus you can import your own dictionary or a short word list into the FineCrosser crossword puzzle maker dictionary.

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3. What is minimum size of a dictionary is required for generating a new crossword puzzle?

     Generally size of vocabulary must be more than 2000 unique words.

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4. How can I edit the grid?

    Choose edit mode. Then mouse click on cells of the grid will change cells state.

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5. What formats can I export generated crossword puzzle?

TIFF ,BMP, JPEG, WMF, EMF, CorelDarw Script;

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6. What programs can edit graphic files with?

    Corel Photo-paint, CorelDraw, Adobe PhotoShop, MS Paint etc.
    For WMF and EMF is better to use MS Word, MS Excel etc.

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7. How can I put images into crossword puzzle?

    The program can insert images automatically. Images must be in following formats: jpg or bmp. Also you can place picture as a clue manually in place you want.

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8. Where to buy?

    Here: Register

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9. Where could I see crossword puzzles made by the program?

13 x 13 (American style)

14 x 14 (Clues are in squares style)

30 x 30 (American style)

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